30 years of experience combined with style and comfort

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Functional, Durable, and Stylish all-day Support

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Comfort on long trips and commutes

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We bring you instant relief from swelling and keep you feeling fresh, guaranteed

We bring you functional, comfortable, durable socks that will propel you through your day, keep up with your lifestyle, and look fantastic in the process.

Full 60 day money back guarantee.  If you don't like them, simply send us an email for a hassle-free return.

30 years of clinical experience knit into each pair.

Our graduated compression socks are crafted from the doctor's clinic with every detail thought through, with fantastic and fun socks that are FDA registered and listed.

We don't compromise on quality or design

Health, quality, and ethics are at our core.  

All Afton products are certified to be free of harmful dyes and chemicals, and ethically crafted in Italy.

We guarantee you will look good and feel great.


Real talk from influencers and customers just like you

I have to admit, my perspective has changed after I discovered Afton Socks.  I’ve tried multiple brands before, but these are now my favorites.  The #1 thing I love: They are LIGHT WEIGHT! With my other compression socks I would be on fire at work.

I know that a lot of my listeners like to shop while being conscious of the source and care about where their products are coming from. 

The best thing about Afton Socks is that they keep the swelling down in my legs, and they don't get hot.  I am a bit older now and these are the only brand I wear.  They are comfortable and don't make my legs sore. 

Afton Product Features

What you get only from us.

Jet Black, 18-22mmHg, Sterling line
  • Relief from Swelling and Pain

    Graduated compression has been shown to provide comfort and relief to your legs, reduce pain, and prevent some minor vein diseases

  • Designed by Doctors

    Over 30 years of experience tailored into each sock, the only FDA listed designer compression brand like this, with a proprietary fit.

  • Lush and Durable

    Our socks BREATHE and don't burn up your feet.  Will last through long days with you and not give out.

  • Designs as Expressive as You Like

    Fantastic designs that range fun and expressive, to mature and refined.  Have a pair for any occasion.