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Jet Black, 18-22mmHg, Sterling line

$34.95 USD
Jet Black, 18-22mmHg, Sterling line

Jet Black, 18-22mmHg, Sterling line

$34.95 USD

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Our original all-black calf-high sock is perfect for everything long: long commutes, long days at the office, long training sessions.   We put a bit of compression into the sock to keep your circulation going strong and your energy levels high throughout the day.  Our innovative metallic silver lining helps eliminate odor and bacteria growth, keeping you so fresh and so clean clean.

They have an invigorating graduated compression fit which improves circulation and energy levels, and is demonstrated by scientific research to reduce fatigue, speed recovery from workouts, and prevent certain vein and skin disorders.  They are great for office workers, medical professionals, pregnant/recent mothers, travelers, athletes, and any adult who cares about their health.  Wellness is knit right into the socks' design.

This model is part of our Sterling collection.  The foot is lined with a metallic silver fiber that is FDA and EPA approved to kill bacteria and reduce odor in the process.  It's perfect for all-day wear and long distance travel.

Product features:

- 18-22mmHg graduated compression (FDA listed)

- Ethically made in Italy

- Luscious cotton/nylon blend for a smooth and durable feel

- Sterling Line: foot lined with metallic silver fiber

- Seamless "it's like butter" toe closure


60% Cotton
22% Nylon
10% Spandex
8% Metallic Silver X-Static


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