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Our Story


What's in the name Afton?

Afton in Swedish means 'end of the day', or 'evening'.  Our garments are made to keep you feeling fresh and invigorated through the end of your day!


Over 30 years of serious compression experience

Afton is a family company and have been involved with compression for over 30 years.


It started out when our dad, a doctor in Southern California, gave compression stockings to patients after leg surgery to help the healing process.


After hearing every grip and gripe about them like the discomfort, the strange beige colors, and the bunching, we decided that people deserved better.  The socks we make are designed to support and bring joy to you every day


How we made socks to fit your values.. and your legs


1: The products had to provide genuine health benefits and function based on real research.

2: The products had to be high quality in manufacture and materials, with tasteful and fun designs.

3: The products had to be made in an ethical and clean way.


We have developed a line that you can be proud to wear, that satisfies all three without compromise. Our biggest hope is that you live a happy, healthy, active lifestyle and never have to worry about soreness, pain, or discomfort.  And while compression socks are only a part of your path of wellness, we feel privileged to help you on that journey.


What our products offer

Our socks deliver the full range of benefits: exceptional functionality tailored to your needs with outstanding designs you can wear in a variety of occasions. In our socks, we hope that you will look and feel spectacular, today and in the long term.

Trust Afton to care for your legs so you can focus on the more pressing matters of your day.


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