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What we stand for

Health, quality, and ethics are at our core.  Our greatest priority is you.  We want you to feel good and rest easy knowing that all aspects of our products are made for your well-being, whether you can see them or not.  Here's how we do it:


Beyond graduated compression, we have done our best to be sure that our products are healthy through and through.  Being made in Italy means no sweatshop labor and harmful chemicals.

Our products feature Öko-tex Standard certification, which is a leading standard for ensuring harmful substances are not present in our garments.


Quality products don't need to hide their roots.  That is why we list the product materials on the front of the package, instead of hiding it in tiny font on the back, or somewhere in a tag deep inside the garment.  We do this with the country of design, development, and manufacture for the same reasons. 


We are very fortunate to work with people who care as much about humane treatment as we do, so you can wear them guilt-free.  Our screening process for manufacturers ensures that the people making Afton products are given a living wage and treated with the respect they deserve, and each have been personally visited by us.  Happy people make better products.